Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Docomo's 3G Wi-Fi hub

Why buy a personal 3G SIM card when you can buy one of Tata Docomo's new 3G Wi-Fi hubs? It allows you to connect upto 5 wireless devices at 3G speeds!

What is it?
Your very own gateway to freedom. Freedom from wires and freedom from buffering. If you have tried to view a YouTube video of the baby getting scared of his sneezing mom, you'll know what we mean. This pocket device will work as a portable router for up to five devices and can connect using either a CDMA Tata Photon Plus SIM card or a 3G SIM as well. Either way, you will get enough bandwidth to watch your favorite videos without cooking dinner while they load!

So what's new?

We have had internet USB sticks for a while now and more recently, even 3G versions of them. But the 3G Wi-Fi Hub flexes its muscles by being able to shoulder the load of multiple devices connected to it. Any sort of Wi-Fi enabled device can be connected in a jiffy and while speeds may be compromised depending on number of devices.

Can I use 3G yet?
Sure you can, but not in some parts of the country ye. But sweat not, since this device is ready for both CDMA and 3G. If you live in a city that is still off the map for Tat Docomo3G, just use the Photon Plus SIM card and still get greater than normal speed for surfing and maintaining your virtual farm.

How long until it runs out of juice?
The claimed battery life is of four hours. It can be charged via USB or a traditional power outlet without any interruption in the signal strength. Very nifty.

So, you're making me buy one?
You could get faster speeds via LAN-based Wi-Fi but for travel and portability, this is ace.

Easy to connect, simple to use and with tariff plans that won't make you bankrupt, it's hard not to recommend this pocket-friendly Wi-Fi hub.

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